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What is Social Media Marketing?

In recent years Social Media has become one of the best marketing tools a company can use. The consumer demographic is constantly changing and many customers will be moving away from traditional media, and towards digital media.

Teenagers, young adults, and many of the mature population are taking up new forms of technology. Different Social Media platforms and Advertisers noticed the shift and are now pivoting with the societal trend. Adults are looking through Facebook, college students are scrolling through Twitter, and high school students are pinning on Pinterest or posting on Reddit. Almost everyone uses Social Media and if a company wants to reach those consumers then Social Media Marketing Services is the best way to do it!

If a company wants to be seen then it is up to their Advertising and Marketing Agency to take up Social Media Marketing. If consumers are online then that is where the Ads should be placed! Social Media Marketing services includes creating a Social Media presence, growing an audience, then putting the posting the right Ads at the right time in front of the cultivating audience.

Why is Social Media Marketing and Social Media Marketing Services Important?

D2 Media can help your overall online presence with our Social Media Marketing services. Whether you are just starting out in the digital world, or if you are already established, we can help your company grow. Our Social Media Marketing Coordinator will create individualized creative content for posting, manage your platforms, and help your business’s brand become an integral part of the digital conversation. Social Media and Social Media Marketing does not have to be a scary endeavor – it is a tool to be used to keep you and your business relevant in the ever changing world of advertising.

Some of D2 Media’s Social Media Marketing Services include:

  • Initial Social Media Marketing Audits
  • Platform Creation, Maintenance, and Monitoring
  • Content Creation and Posting
  • Metric Gathering and Reports
  • Organic and Paid Audience Growth/Engagement
  • Increase in Day to Day Sales
  • Organic and Paid Ad Campaigns created for individual sales and events
  • Improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Scores