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What is Marketing and Branding?

 As a small business, large company, “Mom and Pop” store, or even someone who is self-employed – you all have something in common. You have something to contribute to society; a product or service that want to sell. Whether it is fireplaces, food, or anything else then you will need a Marketing and Branding strategy.

Branding is the logo, slogan, symbol that represents your company or the services that you intend to offer. Marketing is the plan that will be in place to drive business your way. Marketing can entail Ads, brand promotion, bill boards or anything else – to learn more about different types of marketing and the strategies we offer look at Digital Marketing Services or our Traditional Marketing Services.

Why is Marketing and Branding essential for a business?

Nike has “Just Do It” and anyone can recognize the Pepsi logo anywhere. These are two prime examples of a cohesive and thought out Marketing and Branding plan. For any business to be successful you will need to be easily recognized and widely known.

D2 Media has a track record with creating successful company logos and slogans. We will take your company and brand you from the ground up. Our Marketing Agency can help find the right location to put the right message that will make you and your services widely known in this area. Our team is located and based in the South East of Connecticut. We know what our consumers are looking for and we can build your marketing, advertising, and branding platform on those grounds.

D2 Media Solutions will help with your branding needs with:

  • Brand Audit
  • Brand creation and matching marketing campaigns.
  • SWOT analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
  • Ongoing Brand Monitoring